You can order prints directly from the artist and often avoid shipping costs. Also, all unframed metal prints ship for free at the current time.

You can contact me to place an order or ask a question at:

or call 406-360-1226

Here is a list of popular sizes and material that I usually have in stock for the most popular images. 

Canvas Wrap Prints

8x10:  $39

20x30: $189

Aluminum Metal Prints (unframed are free shipping in the US)

11x14:  $95

11x14 in wood or aluminum frame: $155

20x30: $250

20x30 in wood or aluminum frame: $429

10x40 panorama: $379

12x24 panorama: $195

Metallic Paper Prints

8x10 in 11x14 white mat: $29 (three for $75)

5x7 in 8x10 white mat: $15


singles: $5

5 card bundle: $20

Assortment pack of 10: $35

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